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Jewelery courses

The progress of the "precious metals working" course

Our courses take place everywhere in France on given dates.


Find an internship location near you

The course takes place over 5 continuous days from 9 a.m. to noon, and from 1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. We approach all the work techniques necessary for the realization of a jewel, from the idea to the design on paper through the manufacture of each piece and their assembly by welding.

The finishes and final touch-ups before cleaning and presentation of the jewellery.

We will also work on your project, what do you expect from this training and how to organize your future workshop at home.


The cost of the course is 600 euros for 5 days(30 hours of lessonsand includes: Lessons, light tools, heavy tools (rolling mill, wire drawing machine, filiaries, drawing bench, etc.).

The amount of the course also includes 8 gm of 925 silver to carry out your first project then the additional gram of silver will be invoiced at 3 euros per gm

To reserve your place, you will need to pay adepositof 100 euros online then pay the balance on the spot when you arrive at the place of the course go tohome pagetobook your place

"Un stage de 5 jours que l'on vit comme une parenthèse magique, riche d'enseignements et de partages. Merci Pascal pour ta générosité et ta bienveillance. Je n'en suis que plus motivée pour mettre mon projet en place." Coryne
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